Macadamia nut snack brand Royal Hawaiian Orchards made its debut at Yankee Stadium this year on opening day, welcoming fans to the stands after more than a year away from the nation’s favorite pastime. The one-ounce, Sea Salt flavored "Aloha 2 Go" packs are now available at concession stands around the stadium.

Offering fans a healthier, satisfying option on game days, Royal Hawaiian Orchards’ Aloha 2 Go product will be available throughout the 2022 season. Baseball fans can grab this plant based, Keto, Paleo, vegan and GMO-free snack at eight grab-n-go kiosks throughout the stands as well as the VIP Legends Suite.

“We are thrilled to officially introduce our macadamia nuts to the baseball world. Especially to those fans that are looking for healthier options while also enjoying more traditional stadium snacks,” said Royal Hawaiian Orchards’ General Manager of sales and marketing, K.C. Blinn. “We felt that this specific one ounce option was the perfect way for fans to enjoy a bit of Aloha during the game, or as a quick snack during the seventh inning stretch. We are really looking forward to partnering with such a storied franchise and even becoming a part of a new game day tradition.”

If you’re unable to make it to New York, be sure to visit to have macadamia nuts delivered directly to your door.