Company: MacFarms, LLC


Introduced: September 2021

Distribution: National

Product Snapshot: In September 2021, retailers across the U.S. will begin receiving their initial orders of Royal Hawaiian Orchards’ new product, Mango Habanero. The 4-oz. bag is packed with sweet heat from the combination of natural mango and habanero flavors. Customers can also purchase the new addition available online here.

Seven weeks after launching a virtual poll featuring three potential new products in July 2021, Mango Habanero beat out the competing seasonings. As the clear fan-favorite of the bunch, the Mango Habanero product should resonate well with both new and loyal fans of Royal Hawaiian Orchards.

“Staying true to our Hawaiian roots with tropical flavors and vibrant combinations, we are eager for consumers to get their hands on this new product,” said K.C. Blinn, GM of sales and marketing. “With heat and spice growing in popularity we found that this was the perfect time to introduce something new into our roasted collection. With that said, this new product still reflects everything that we’ve prioritized in the past which includes providing a quick, healthy and flavorful snack for anyone living life on-the-go.”

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