Company: Van's Kitchen

Introduced: May 2021

Distribution: National

Suggested Retail Price: $4.99

Product Snapshot: Van’s Kitchen is preparing fans for the ultimate summer treat with the launch of the newest flavor addition to its signature line: the Chili Lime Chicken Egg Roll. This bold product blends the familiarity of traditional Asian fusion with zesty and explosive ingredients for the most mouth-watering egg roll yet.  

Available nationwide this summer, the new Chili Lime Chicken Egg Rolls will be available in the brand’s four-packs and will feature white meat chicken, fresh thinly sliced cabbage, sweet carrots, and aromatic onions with zesty chili lime seasoning in a crispy, crunchy wrapper. 

“We progress each product invention with our loyal egg roll lovers and retail partners top-of-mind to create unique and daring options that we know everyone will love,” said Theresa Motter, CEO of Van’s Kitchen. “Our new Chili Lime flavor profile opens the door to a new taste adventure that we cannot wait to make available this summer.” 

With innovation at the forefront, Van’s Kitchen continues to grow its product line as well as advance its packaging. Along with the Chili Lime Chicken Egg Roll introduction, Van’s Kitchen is rolling out new packaging equipped with a QR code that will make it easy for consumers to gather information and shop on the Van’s Kitchen website. The new look will be extended to the existing signature line flavors later this year.

“With shoppers increasingly looking for convenience, we have developed our newly designed packaging that allows us to directly connect and quickly respond to ongoing changing consumer preferences,” said Carl Motter, CSO of Van’s Kitchen. “We hope that our new packaging will make it easier for existing and new customers to learn more about Van’s Kitchen and interact with us on a new level.” 

The zesty egg rolls can be found in thousands of grocers and convenience stores throughout the U.S. in the refrigerated deli, freezer, and hot deli sections. A store locator can be found on the Van’s Kitchen website.