Company: General Mills Foodservice


Introduced: September 2021

Distribution: Foodservice

Product Snapshot: General Mills Foodservice is introducing Pillsbury Freezer-to-Oven Croissants, which make it easy to bake consistently flaky, high-quality croissants in less than 30 minutes. The ready-to-bake croissants are the latest in a long history of innovation from Pillsbury, the premier baking brand that foodservice professionals rely on to maximize their back-of-house labor and turn out premium, great-tasting baked goods.

Pillsbury Freezer-to-Oven Croissants go straight from the freezer to the oven and require no thawing or proofing—allowing operators to bake off fresh croissants with no advance planning. Featuring 48 flaky layers, the European-style croissants are available in butter and chocolate swirl—made with Barry Callebaut semi-sweet chocolate from Belgium. Both varieties feature a rich, buttery flavor, tender texture and flaky crust every time, thanks to a proprietary process backed by rigorous testing from the culinary experts at General Mills.

“We know baking fresh croissants is a challenge for many foodservice operations, whether they are baking from scratch or thawing and proofing frozen dough, so we sought to perfect a better process,” said Sonja Kehr, a member of Chefs of the Mills, whose role includes testing product performance and troubleshooting. “A freezer-to-oven croissant without the guesswork of proofing is about as easy as it can get. We aim to eliminate variability and ensure that labor of all skill levels can achieve consistent, flawless results.”  

Kehr adds that since the Pillsbury croissants rise during baking, the product is packed flat and frees up valuable freezer space—in contrast to many competitive products that are pre-proofed and require more extensive packaging, creating a larger footprint.

“Finally, there is a freezer-to-oven option that not only makes it easier than ever to bake fresh croissants but results in a European-style croissant with the scratch-like appearance and taste that consumers crave,” Kehr added.

To help operations make the most of their croissants across their menus, General Mills has created several resources including recipes, merchandising, and display ideas and more on its website, found here. For more information on the Pillsbury Freezer-to-Oven Croissants and other Pillsbury Baked Goods, foodservice professionals can contact their General Mills Foodservice sales representative, call 1-800-243-5687, or visit