The pandemic has truly elevated the need for self-care and emotional wellness. There is a growing desire for people to find ways to support their emotional well-being in an authentic way. For some, this might be as simple as making snack time more of a special moment as a way to pause and enjoy an indulgence. 

Loacker, an Italian family company known for the world's number one wafer brand, has been true to its values and making snack time more special since first founded in 1925. Loacker’s Pure Goodness defines its delicious bites made with the purest, high quality ingredients as well as its broader commitment to the well-being of consumers, employees and the planet. The company recently conducted a survey of more than 2,000 Americans (18+) to better understand snacking preferences and how they might correlate to self-care and break times throughout the day. 

Snack time self-care

When it comes to emotional wellness, nearly 90 percent of survey respondents agreed that snacking moments are a way to offer a little self-care or reset in their day. More specifically, about half said daily snacking qualifies as very important “me time” and nearly 65 percent said snacking is a self-care moment for them because it’s a little indulgent treat they give to themselves. 

“At Loacker, we take delight in being a bright spot in the day for Americans,” said TJ Rooney, president, Loacker USA. “We also appreciate that people want to know what’s in their snacks and are pleased to share that Loacker Quadratini and Classic On-the-Go (45 grams) are now non-GMO verified products.”  

Snacking preferences

Americans have spoken and they want indulgent, bite-sized and healthier snacks: 

  • Among the categories (respondents could select multiple categories), 46 percent of participants mentioned wanting indulgent snacks (dark chocolate, crème biscuits, etc.).
  • Next, 42 percent of participants confirmed that bite-size treats were a favorite.
  • When it comes to healthier snacks (i.e. no artificial flavors/colors, no preservatives, non-GMO, etc.) 31 percent of participants pursued, when possible. 

Quadratini checks the boxes for all three of these top ranked snacking priorities, and proves that Americans can still choose high quality ingredients and healthier snacks while enjoying an indulgent treat. With this in mind, the fact that Loacker Quadratini and Classic On-the-Go (45 grams) are Non-GMO Project Verified makes them the perfect snack. This verification offers the highest transparency about GMOs, which are now present in more than 80 percent of conventional processed food.

Pure goodness since the start

While the official Non-GMO Project Verification is a new evolution, Loacker has always focused on pure goodness since its establishment in the heart of the Italian Alps more than 95 years ago. All Loacker products are made with ingredients of certified origin only. The company’s Alpine milk is completely Non-GMO and its hazelnuts, the cornerstone of Loacker’s specialties, are 100 percent Italian and roasted directly in-house. Thanks to carefully selected partners and projects, Loacker is also able to source sustainable and quality cocoa and vanilla. 

Snacking has always been a welcome break for many, but these days, it can be a critical reset. Whether working from home, taking a minute or two during a long day of work or snacking on-the-go, Loacker Quadratini are the perfect option. Quadratini are available at select major retailers and grocers nationwide, including Amazon, Walmart and local retailers, ranging in price from $3.99 to $5.99.