Company: Global Organics

Ingredient Snapshot: Global Organics is proud to recognize its longtime partner, Natíve, for becoming the first Regenerative Organic Certified (ROC) sugar producer. Over the last 35 years, Natíve’s Green Cane Project has reinvented cane sugar growing and processing. By focusing on soil health and biodiversity, integrating sustainability at all levels of their operation and ensuring social fairness to farm workers, Natíve’s Green Cane Project has been long recognized as the model for sustainability. 

Regenerative Organic Certification was created to leverage and bring together existing high-bar certifications for environmental protection, animal welfare and fair trade. USDA Certified Organic, an already-rigorous standard, is the baseline requirement. Regenerative Organic agriculture increases soil organic matter and sequesters carbon, ensures ethical treatment of animals, and provides fair conditions for farmers and workers. This new certification resonated strongly with Natíve because it encompassed so many of the practices they have innovated over the years. 

“My aim, since I began this work, has been to achieve agricultural self-sufficiency, a way to preserve the natural resources we need now—water, soil fertility, biodiversity and the atmosphere,” says Leontino Balbo Jr., executive vice president at Natíve.   

“Leontino and the Natíve team have shown that regenerative organic agriculture can succeed at scale, increase yields and improve resiliency—proving it is excellent for business too,” says Dave Alexander, president of Global Organics.  

Global Organics will be showcasing Natíve organic cane sugar and providing more information about the Green Cane Project’s Regenerative Organic Certification at the upcoming BevNet Live Winter event, set for Dec. 6, 2021 in Santa Monica, CA.