The Retail Bakers of America (RBA) has partnered with Love’s Oven in Colorado to host an in-person, two-day workshop at The Cook Street School in Denver, CO on May 15–16, 2022. "Fresh Baked" will feature with everything you need to know about the business of baking with cannabis, in-depth baking demos and tours of some of Denver’s finest cannabis bakeries and dispensaries.

Love’s Oven is a pioneer in the regulated cannabis industry. They were awarded the 4th manufacturer of infused products license for medical infused products in 2009 and in 2013 again were awarded the 4th manufacturer of infused products license for adult use/recreational products by the state of Colorado. In 2009, Love’s has grown to be one of the most recognized cannabis brands in Colorado. With the 2014 legalization of adult-use/recreational cannabis in Colorado, Love’s Oven sales skyrocketed to over a million dollars that first year. Since 2014 Love’s has ventured out of the oven to include chocolates, beverages, and concentrates in addition to cannabutter infused cookies and brownies.

For the event, Peggy Moore, CEO of Love’s Oven, will provide insider knowledge on how to start a cannabis bakery and Hope Frahm, Love’s Oven’s Corporate Chef, will share her expertise of baking with cannabis and in-depth demos. The event will also include a bus tour of Denver’s top cannabis bakeries and dispensaries.

“We here at Love's Oven are so excited to partner with the Retail Bakers of America for this event. When they reached out to us, we were thrilled that this group wanted to give its members a look behind the curtains at how legal marijuana bakeries work, the challenges, and the excitement of being part of a new industry. Looking forward to spending time with the Retail Bakers of America members in May!” said Peggy Moore.

"It is so important as the national association for retail bakers that the RBA set the standards and educate our bakers on all topics. Baking with cannabis is an exciting new lane for most bakers. Teaming with Love's Oven, the leaders in the baking with cannabis industry, will allow us to ensure our attendees are getting every morsel of correct and useable information" said Bernadette Shanahan-Hass, RBA’s director of operations.

Tickets are $500 for the two- day workshop and are available for purchase through Eventbrite. Discounts are available to RBA members.