Company: Bindi


Introduced: March 2022

Distribution: National

Suggested Retail Price: $5.99

Product Snapshot: Bindi, an Italian frozen dessert company, has recently expanded its dessert line to include a trio of uniquely styled desserts that will make anyone think they’re eating a work of art conceptualized by great cubism masters. These thaw and serve treats packed with unforgettable flavors and complex textures are made with the finest raw, single origin ingredients from Italy and crafted with the highest production standard, showcasing the company's intent to rise above with their tasty innovations.

Bindi has always been at the forefront of proposing innovative, sweet solutions to meet the restaurant industry’s needs while being equally attentive to the desires of the business and client. Its transition into a more streamlined, modern aesthetic in the design of their desserts is a restaurant time-saver while also providing a top-of-the-line dessert experience.

First in the lineup is the Double Chocolate Cube, a layered sponge cake with a crunchy hazelnut layer, cream made with white chocolate and fresh cream, all delicately coated with a thin layer of dark chocolate. A chocolate square rests on the top face of the cube, showcasing a subtle design choice that reveals the true three-dimensional complexity of this dessert.

Almond Twirl features a teardrop-shaped pool of chocolate sitting atop this conical-shaped cake as if Mt. Etna’s crater was a chocolatey surprise just waiting to be discovered. The rum-sprinkled sponge cake delicately coated with white chocolate gently wraps around itself, a slight protruding lip adding an element of dimension. But the real discovery lies within: a layer of hazelnut crunch topped with cream made with almond paste from Sicily and fresh cream creates a journey through contrasting textures of crunchy and soft with every bite.

Finally, Geometric Chocolate & Pear is an angular beauty like tectonic plates in motion yet united by a virtuous circle of puree made from Italian pears. The dark chocolate pairs perfectly with the tartness of the pear, providing an elegant balance of sweet and sharpness from the dark chocolate.

All three of the desserts come in 6 servings/case and are ready to enjoy after 4 hours of defrosting in the refrigerator.

With a production facility in Belleville, New Jersey, and two distribution centers in New Jersey and Los Angeles, Bindi offers efficient delivery to clients with a cold chain distribution network that maintains the same level of quality and guaranteed product preservation and freshness.