Company: Blue Pacific Flavors


Ingredient Snapshot: Blue Pacific Flavors has unveiled its Alcohol-Inspired Flavor platform, a bold new collection of complex and nuanced natural flavors that authentically replicate the flavors of popular spirits and alcoholic beverages.

“We are seeing a dynamic shift in consumer interest in the no and low alcohol beverage category. This is driving a new level of flavor innovation to create authentic, layered, and complex spirit and other Alcohol-Inspired Flavors without alcohol,” said Donald Wilkes, president and CEO of Blue Pacific Flavors. “Applications for these flavors range from beverages to confectionery and ice cream. Consumers are blurring the lines between alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages while also experimenting with adding traditional spirits to dessert applications. Key drivers for this trend are millennials and others who are limiting their alcohol intake for health and social reasons. These consumers are demanding more options in low-ABV and no-ABV products."

Consumers around the globe are embracing no-alcohol and low-alcohol beverages. NielsenIQ reported that nonalcoholic beverage sales increased 33% to $331 million in 2021. This trend is driving innovation in alternatives to traditional adult beverages as consumers turn away from alcohol but still embrace familiar spirit, wine, beer, and cocktail flavors.

Significant changes to flavor, taste, mouthfeel, and complexity often occur when alcohol is removed from or reduced in a formulation. Blue Pacific Flavors is advancing flavor innovation with its world-class team of senior flavorists, beverage engineers, food scientists, and sensory experts in the development of natural Alcohol-Inspired Flavors, and the discovery of simple formulation adjustments that can create an authentic flavor experience, without the alcohol.

Blue Pacific Flavors Alcohol-Inspired Flavors are perfectly suited for a variety of food & beverage applications, including:

  • Sweet and Confectionery Applications – Chocolate, ice cream, frozen desserts, nutritional bars, baked goods, gummies, syrups
  • Savory Applications – Sauces, marinades, salad dressing, fermented condiments, dips and spreads, salty snacks

“Reformulating products to remove or lower the alcohol content changes more than just the alcohol levels. Manufacturers must use creative solutions to overcome these product design challenges,” said Jessica Morton, senior sensory & consumer insights manager at Blue Pacific Flavors. “The recent surge in consumers turning to alcohol-free options has driven tremendous innovation as formulators race to create sophisticated nonalcoholic beverage bases and flavors. With our Alcohol-Inspired Flavor platform and expert guidance, the path to success is a lot shorter. Developing natural flavors that effectively mimic the sensory experience of traditional alcohol and cocktails truly is a specialized art, grounded in science.”

The Alcohol-Inspired Flavor platform leverages popular liquor and spirit inspiration to create flavors that please even the most perceptive palates, including:

  • Gin
  • Spiced Rum
  • Bourbon
  • Tequila
  • Champagne
  • Rosé Wine
  • Vermouth
  • Beer

Alcohol-Inspired Flavors can be used in alcoholic beverage applications as well. Distillers and brewers are using these flavors to achieve signature flavor profiles and unique combinations. Additionally, in the face of supply chain challenges, unanticipated price increases, and shortages in natural raw materials, forward-thinking distillers and brewers have turned to these natural Alcohol-Inspired Flavors to help ensure consistency during times of seasonal variation or supply chain disruption.

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