The Underground Donut Tour, America's Donut Tour, has completed its search for America's Greatest Donuts. Over the course of this contest, more than 300 shops were nominated, 160 were put up to vote, and nearly 8,000 votes were cast. After two months of nominations, voting, and winner selection—The Underground Donut Tour can announce the winners of its America's Greatest Donut Contest.

The Overall Fan Favorite with more votes than any other donut shop was Rise 'n Roll Bakery, based in Indiana. Its Cinnamon Caramel Donut was voted far and away the most popular doughnut in America. As Overall Fan Favorite winner, the tour will also be awarding them a $500 prize or a donation to be made to a charity of their choice. Along with winning Overall Fan Favorite, Rise 'n Roll also won 4 other categories (Greatest Cake Donut, Greatest Cinnamon Sugar Donut, Greatest Unique Filling, and Greatest Unique Toppings). Congratulations to the team at Rise 'n Roll!

The tour would also like to give a special congratulations to The Doughnut Project based in New York City, which won several categories including Greatest Chocolate Glazed Donut, Greatest Old Fashioned, and Greatest Unique Flavors.

Below are the 25 most popular doughnut shops in America along with their winning category and their winning doughnut:

  • Overall Fan Favorite: Rise 'N Roll Bakery - Cinnamon Caramel Donut
  • Greatest Beignet: Café Du Monde - Beignet
  • Greatest Blueberry Donut: Holy Donut - Blueberry Glazed
  • Greatest Boston Cream Donut: Sweetwater's Donut Mill - Boston Cream
  • Greatest Cake Donut: Rise 'N Roll Bakery - Cinnamon Caramel Donut
  • Greatest Chocolate Cake Donut: Donutland - Cherry Chocolate Chip
  • Greatest Chocolate Glazed Donut: The Doughnut Project - Black Glaze
  • Greatest Cider Donut: Wilson Farm - Cider Donut
  • Greatest Cinnamon Sugar Donut: Rise 'N Roll Bakery - Cinnamon Caramel
  • Greatest Cream Filled Donut: Yoders - Cream Filled Chocolate Long John
  • Greatest Croissant Donut: Five Daughters Bakery - 100 Layer Vanilla Cream
  • Greatest Cruller: Donut Pub - Cruller
  • Greatest Fritter: Main Street Bakery - Apple Fritter
  • Greatest Fruit Flavored Donut: Brandons Donuts - Strawberry Shortcake
  • Greatest Maple Glazed Donut: Duck Donuts - Bacon In The Sun
  • Greatest Mochi Donut: The Sweet Boutique Bakery - Cinnamon Roll Mochi Donut
  • Greatest Old Fashioned Donut: The Doughnut Project - Old Fashioned Cake Doughnut
  • Greatest Plain Glazed Donut: Kanes Donuts - Honey Dipped
  • Greatest Sprinkles Donut: Peter Pan Donuts - Chocolate Sprinkle Cream
  • Greatest Unique Dough Donut: Union Square Donuts - Maple Bacon
  • Greatest Unique Fillings Donut: Rise 'N Roll Bakery - Cinnamon Caramel Bavarian Cream Filled
  • Greatest Unique Flavors Donut: The Doughnut Project - The Bronx
  • Greatest Unique Toppings Donut: Rise 'N Roll Bakery - Crunch Bismark
  • Greatest Vegan Donut: Pink Love Donuts and More - Donuts S'Mores
  • Greatest Yeast Donut: Voodoo Donuts - Bacon Maple

About the Underground Donut Tour

The Underground Donut Tour started in Chicago in 2015 as a passion project and has since grown to 9 cities in the US including Chicago, Philadelphia, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Boston, Nashville, New Orleans, Portland, and Seattle. Tickets include all the doughnut samples you can eat, a beverage of your choice, and a guided tour around each city. To book a tour, visit today.