Tostitos is launching a "Don't Miss the Good Stuff campaign,' which includes a "No Mo' FOMO" chip kit. 

The chip kit includes a mix of Tostitos most popular flavors—Hint of Spicy Queso, Hint of Guacamole, and Habanero—packaged inside an interactive box with party sound and lighting.

The catch: consumers can only get one of the limited-edition bags by visiting Tostitos' Instagram to see how they can win.

The brand is also launching a "FOMO or F No!" lens on Snapchat, which involves a new party game on Snapchat, using chips as the cards. When consumers open Snapchat and put on the Tostitos “FOMO or F No!” lens, they will see a word or phrase representing a trend —think “Frosted Tips” and “Jazzercise”—displayed on their chip when they hold it up to their phone. Players will then have to decide if they would fear missing out on the trend or if they’d say, “F*** No!” to joining in on it. 

To support the “Don’t Miss the Good Stuff” campaign, Tostitos is partnering with FOMO expert Dan Levy for the second year with a TVC to show fans that you don’t want to miss out on the memories made around the chip bowl. The commercial will begin airing on June 2, and can be viewed here.