Kemin Industries announced that Kemin Food Technologies – North America will showcase its complete line of clean label ingredient solutions for baked goods during the 2022 International Baking Industry Exposition (IBIE22) in Las Vegas, September 18–21. Attendees are invited to visit Kemin experts at IBIE booth #5427 and learn more about the many factors and ingredients involved in formulating baked goods, flatbreads, and tortillas that stay fresher and safer for longer. 

Kemin will launch a new clean label mold inhibition solution during the IBIE22 Expo. SHIELD Pure is a new mold inhibitor that can be used across a variety of bakery products and applications. It is a 1:1 replacement for synthetic propionic acid and can be used to achieve extended shelf life of baked goods such as white breads, tortillas, and more—without any sensory impact.

Kemin IBIE22 Booth #5427 is a must-visit for expo attendees to learn more about the latest clean-label ingredient solutions that include enzyme blends, complete batch packs, antioxidants and mold inhibitor solutions to help create better tasting, better performing, and longer lasting foods:

  • Bakery products and snack foods: Kemin offers a full range of solutions for the bakery and snacks market, including clean label antioxidant solutions that significantly delay or prevent lipid oxidation and extend the shelf life of baked goods and snack products.
  • Tortillas: Kemin tortilla solutions include dough conditioners and softeners; enzyme blends and batch packs; and mold inhibitors to keep tortillas fresh and appealing. The complete suite of solutions—including complete drop-in options and premixes to individual functional ingredients such as mold inhibitors, enzymes, emulsifiers, and gum blends—helps manufacturers continue offering high-quality tortillas that consumers love. Solutions are available in liquid and dry varieties with clean label, organic, and non-GMO options available. 

Learn more about how the Kemin portfolio of clean label ingredient solutions that help bakers reduce food waste and extend product shelf life, while maintaining a clean label, by visiting the team at IBIE22 Booth #5427 or visit Kemin’s newly redesigned website here.