BEMA (Bakery Equipment Manufacturers and Allieds) and the American Bakers Association (ABA) announced their official partnership which will create joint ownership of the baking industry’s new event: NEXUS. This upcoming transformational industry event, launching in Dallas, TX from September 25–28, 2023, will connect all facets of the baking industry, including executive leadership, business development, R&D, human resources, and operations.

Anchored by BEMA and ABA’s experience and connections in wholesale bakery manufacturing, NEXUS will bring attendees of all levels, skillsets, and company types together in one place with a common goal.

The primary pillars of NEXUS will focus on connecting bakers and suppliers, educating attendees, and creating opportunities for industry collaboration through Spark Sessions, IBIEducate, and Industry Collaborations.

“NEXUS offers cross-functional teams a unique format designed to strengthen existing relationships between bakers and suppliers and create new ones,” said Kerwin Brown, president and CEO, BEMA. “NEXUS offers something for everyone.”

“The future of the baking industry is bright,” said Robb MacKie, president and CEO, ABA. “And BEMA and ABA are excited to shine a light toward that future at NEXUS.”