More than ever, global consumers are hungry for frozen dumplings. Recent market intelligence from Data Bridge predicts the global market for frozen dumplings, valued at $6.3 billion USD in 2021, stands to more than double that figure by 2029, hitting about $12.8 billion USD.

Currently, the frontrunner in U.S. sales of frozen dumplings is CJCJ Food, Americas (Bloomington, MN), which is made up of Korea-based CJ CheilJedang’s U.S. affiliates Schwan’s Company and CJ Foods USA Inc. The company holds a number of retail and foodservice brands available to North American consumers, including its Bibigo frozen dumplings. To gain perspective on emerging trends in the category and the history of Bibigo, we connected with Jaylon Rosenblum, marketing director at Schwan’s Company.

Jenni Spinner: Could you please tell us a bit about the Bibigo line and the products/varieties you have introduced to the NA market?

Jaylon Rosenblum: As the No. 1 dumpling brand in America as well as in South Korea, our Bibigo brand offers a variety of dumpling products, potstickers, wontons, and Mandu. The Bibigo brand is the only brand that offers unique dumpling formats including steamed soup dumplings, which bring the restaurant experience to your home, and mini wontons for super convenient snacking. Coming in at 35g per piece and stuffed with quality ingredient fillings, the Bibigo MANDU is the largest dumpling in the market today excluding bao buns. Bibigo dumplings can be microwaved, air-fried, pan-fried, or steamed to match anyone’s taste preference or convenience for preparation. In addition to dumplings, Bibigo offers rice bowls, fried chicken, flavor additions like Gotchu and BBQ sauce, and more.

JS: Then, please tell us about the growth in the frozen-dumpling market, in the States and across the globe. How does the increasing consumer interest in dumplings among U.S. consumers compare to Asian markets?

JR: The dumplings category is one of the most rapidly growing markets and is expected to grow by over $4 billion USD by 2025. Dumplings are loved globally, and other key consumer markets outside the U.S. include China, Russia, Japan, and South Korea.

JS: What specific consumer category and ingredient/flavors trends does this fit in line with (i.e. convenience foods, savory snacks, global flavors)?

JR: CJCJ Food, Americas is dedicated to bringing easy meals to consumers who want an authentic Korean food experience in the comfort of their homes. Bibigo dumplings are available in a variety of delicious flavors and are ready to serve in minutes, making them a great choice for consumers with busy lifestyles who pursue both quality and convenience for their meals.  

JS: Can you share your perspective on how the frozen dumpling category might evolve and connect with consumers going forward?

JR: With the rapid expansion of the dumpling market globally, there’s no doubt that consumers will want to see continued innovation in the category. Trends like umami and plant-based protein are seeing increased popularity in 2022, and the dumpling market will certainly want to keep up with these consumer desires.

JS: Do you have any new Bibigo products in the works you’d like to preview to our readers?

JR: Readers will be excited to know that the Bibigo brand is introducing new microwaveable Multigrain Rice this month in multiple varieties; more information on that to come in the next few weeks.