Dana’s Bakery, a New York-based company specializing in French macarons, is partnering with HI-CHEW, a popular Asian candy brand, on a "Mookie" that combines the bakery’s cookie-like treat with the candy’s newest flavor. The HI-CHEW Juicy Blood Orange Cranberry Mookie, which reflects the flavor that debuted in the candy’s Infrusions Orchard Mix earlier this year, will be offered via the Dana’s Bakery website from November 22 to December 30, in a five-cookie box for $28.

The limited-edition HI-CHEW Juicy Blood Orange Cranberry Mookie is influenced by flavors of the holidays and the double layers of HI-CHEW’s signature chewlet. The outer layer cookie is reminiscent of a homemade sugar cookie with bursts of cranberry flavor, a staple seasonal ingredient. The inner layer of the Mookie is in the form of a HI-CHEW Juicy Blood Orange macaron. The HI-CHEW Juicy Blood Orange chewlet is infused into the batter and the buttercream filling.

“HI-CHEW is always looking for unique collaborations that bring vibrant, fruit-forward flavors to life in a unique and exciting way,” says Teruhiro “Terry” Kawabe, president and CEO of Morinaga America, Inc. “We are thrilled to partner with Dana's Bakery to infuse our HI-CHEW Juicy Blood Orange flavor into a delicious, layered treat that truly mimics our chewlets and welcomes the holiday season.”

HI-CHEW aims to bring fruity, chewy confections to fans across the country through the development of true-to-flavor offerings that consumers respond to. Similarly, Dana’s Bakery reimagines classic American desserts and candy, transforming them into innovative treats. This collaboration brings together HI-CHEW and Dana’s Bakery, two innovative brands.

“I am a big HI-CHEW fan and was thrilled by the opportunity to create a custom Mookie inspired by one of their latest flavors for the holidays,” said Dana Pollack, founder and CEO of Dana’s Bakery. “The HI-CHEW Juicy Blood Orange Cranberry Mookie is an ideal gift for any foodie on your list and is a delightful treat for all ages to indulge in this season.”