Over the last few years, Pepperidge Farm's Goldfish brand has evolved from being known as just a snack for kids, to broadening appeal to young and adult consumers alike. According to IRI Data, adults consume 40 percent of all Goldfish. 

In fact, Goldfish buyers grew +13% and household penetration grew +3pts among Age 18-34 Households without Kids in Fiscal Year 2022 vs YA (Source: IRI Panel Data, Total US – All Outlets, Campbell’s Fiscal Year 2022 vs 2021). 

Goldfish is once again partnering with Boban Marjanović for an epic drop—and it’s not a pair of sneakers. 

This isn’t the first time Goldfish has partnered with Boban and his basketball best bud Tobias Harris, in fact, Goldfish and the iconic duo kicked off the “Go For the Handful” challenge in 2021. Since then, the two partnered in 2022 to release the “Tiny Hands” campaign, playing with the insight that fans were eating Mega Bites, the mega-sized, mega-flavorful version of the classic Goldfish cracker, one at a time.

On Sunday, February 19 during the NBA All-Star Game, Goldfish launched its new ad to kick off the latest iteration of the brand’s “Go For The Handful” integrated, multi-channel campaign. This latest effort brings consumers a completely unexpected way to go for the handful with the first-ever, limited edition Goldfish x Boban Hand Dish—a 10.75-inch exact replica of Boban’s hand, so consumers can eat from a Boban-sized Goldfish handful (301 crackers, to be exact). 

Consumers can get their "hand(s)" on a Hand Dish starting March 1 at 3:01 p.m. ET, by visiting GoldfishHandDish.com.

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