After weeks of dropping hints and teasers, Doritos has revealed its star-studded Super Bowl LVII commercial, titled “Jack’s New Angle,” revealing none other than music legend Elton John as the third star in the campaign alongside Jack Harlow and Missy Elliott. 

The in-game spot features rapper Jack Harlow showing fans what’s possible when they experiment and TRY ANOTHER ANGLE. Alongside the iconic cast, the winner of the brand’s #DoritosTriangleTryout TikTok challenge that launched in January, Angelita Yadao-Payad from Hawaii, will appear in the commercial. 

Doritos will also be the first brand to ever re-create its Super Bowl commercial in the Metaverse, offering fans the opportunity to produce and record their own musical triangle-inspired beats. Plus, the brand is also giving fans another chance to win big on Twitter with the Doritos Triangle Scheme.

The in-game commercial focuses on rapper Jack Harlow in the studio as he struggles to find originality for his next track. Drawing inspiration from his favorite snack, Doritos, Harlow transforms his music with the mesmerizing tune of a triangle—a Doritos-shaped instrument—and effectively turns the music industry upside down. Joined by music icons Missy Elliott and Elton John, Jack helps Doritos show fans what’s possible when they experiment and try another angle.  

The spot also has a surprise guest appearance from radio personality and producer, Sway Calloway and his co-anchor Heather B. 

The 60-second commercial will run during the 2nd quarter of Super Bowl LVII on February 12 and will feature the brand-new Doritos Sweet & Tangy BBQ that launched in January.

Inside Decentraland at Doritos Triangle Studios, a Metaverse experience, each fan can submit a beat for the chance to win one of Doritos’ awesome prizes, including a blue chip NFT worth over $5,000 in value. Additionally, fans can interact with “triangle mania” wearables, play mini games, “snack” on the brand-new Doritos Sweet & Tangy BBQ chips, and meet other fans.

In addition, this Super Bowl, Doritos is taking Twitter to ANOTHER LEVEL® with the Doritos Triangle Scheme—a “pyramid” scheme that actually pays off. All Twitter users have to do is scan or tap the QR code in Doritos’ tweet on game day to generate their own unique QR code, then tweet it out with #DoritosTriangleScheme, #Entry, and @Doritos and get their followers and friends to join in. The more people a fan gets to join the movement, the greater the chance they have to win the $25,000 grand prize. Those who don’t win with the QR code can keep an eye on Doritos’ Twitter feed during the game for more chances to win triangle-themed prizes. 

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