Pancake has decided to call it quits with Syrup, and announce it in a very public breakup full-page letter ad today in USA Today—just in time to celebrate National Pancake Day with Nutella on February 21.

Pancake has announced its new sweetheart, as well: Nutella. It’s no secret that Nutella provides a way to shake up Pancake’s routine with its sweet hazelnut flavor and smooth consistency, making it the perfect match for the popular breakfast dish.

"Although this may come as a surprise to many, we have a feeling that with a combination this delectable, some are wondering why it took so long for the two to take their relationship to the next level," the brand says.

In addition, Krusteaz , maker of premium pancake mixes, supports the breakup with syrup and is going to be publishing its own letter on social.

“This is one romance everyone can root for—Krusteaz and Nutella are two brands that just make sense and magic happens when they get together. Can I promise our Krusteaz pancakes remain monogamous? Perhaps not, but we’re excited to see where this love affair goes, and hope Americans enjoy something 'Nu' this year," says the Krusteaz brand.

The letter reads:

Dear Syrup,

Hey, it’s me, Pancake.

I hate to do this in a letter but you didn’t respond to my text. You’ve been my significant smother for a long, long time. But to lay it out on the griddle: I’ve met someone new.

You were a great starter condiment. And I’m sure you’ll make some French toast stick very happy one day. But for too long now, every breakfast has been the same maple-y routine. And frankly, I’m too hot and fluffy to settle down with just one flavor.

I’ve finally found a topping that puts a real smile on my face. My spreadable soulmate that makes every breakfast feel like Saturday morning. Nutella. Just saying the name makes my batter bubble. Nutellllllllaaaa. Smooth. Cocoa-y. Hazelnutty. Mmmm.

Look, Syrup, you’re sweet. But you’re sappy, and I can’t help but feel a little stuck to the plate with you.

I hope you can be happy for me. I’ll be ridiculously delicious with Nutella. Not to mention very Insta-worthy.   I haven’t felt this excited since the first time I was flipped.

Faithfully (well, kinda),