The American Bakers Association (ABA) has announced a new partnership with the American Society of Baking (ASB) and the Retail Bakers of America (RBA) for the Bakers Fly-In and Policy Summit to be held November 13-14, 2023, in Washington, DC.  

Leaders from all segments of the baking industry—including wholesale, retail, and supplier organizations—will travel from across the nation to gather in Washington, DC, to meet with members of Congress, executive branch leaders, and regulators at various agencies to advocate for policies impacting baking businesses ranging from small to large and diverse product offerings.

“Advocacy is all about strength in numbers and bringing people together, which is exactly what this fly-in will do,” says Eric Dell, president and CEO, ABA. “ABA recognizes our unique role as the baking sector’s leader in our nation’s Capital. We are excited to partner with ASB and RBA to tell the baking industry’s stories to lawmakers and regulators and illustrate how federal policies and regulations impact the baking industry.  It will be very powerful and impactful.”

“This joint event will represent the heart and soul of the baking industry—hardworking people who pour themselves into making a product to help feed their fellow Americans,” says Kristen L. Spriggs, executive director, ASB. “Our collective voice will show the diversity of our industry and how the issues impact every company at any size.”

"Involving our members from the Retail Bakers of America in policy discussions is crucial as the industry evolves and expands,” says Bernadette Shanahan-Haas, executive director, RBA. “By giving them a seat at the table, their valuable insights and perspectives can contribute to shaping policies that align with the needs and challenges of brick-and-mortar bakeries on main streets across America."

During the two-day complimentary event, attendees will bring forth issues and perspectives from their businesses and promote policy solutions on behalf of all bakers, focusing on the critical areas of workforce, nutrition, and supply chain.   

The immensely popular Bakers’ Dozen Congressional Awards Reception on Capitol Hill will cap off the fly-in event, with staff and Members of Congress expected to attend providing an additional opportunity for ABA, ASB, and RBA members to engage and build relationships with policymakers.

In addition, to the Fly-In and Policy Summit, ABA will host additional events focused on food safety and nutrition policy with its Food Technical and Regulatory Affairs Professionals Group (FTRAC) as well as a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Working Group Conference that both ASB and RBA members may attend.  

ABA Members will also have the option of attending a reception with a high-level political speaker hosted by the American Bakers Political Action Committee (PAC).

Registration is now open. For more details, visit the registration website.