For the first time ever, Lucky the Leprechaun is missing from Lucky Charms boxes on shelves across the U.S ahead of his big holiday, St. Patrick’s Day. The limited-edition packaging, including the returning Turns Milk Green cereal that has special green clover marshmallows, prominently features a blank outline of where the magical and mischievous character usually resides.

To ensure Lucky returns, Lucky Charms is releasing four unique traps on the back of all boxes, including Original, Chocolate, and more. Fans are encouraged to use the templates to create a trap magical enough to bring Lucky back. Other limited-edition St. Patrick’s Day offerings include Lucky Charms Treats Bars and Just Magical Marshmallows.

Cereal fans can also get their hands on the new, limited-edition Lucky Charms Hasbro game, “Lucky’s Leprechaun Trap.” Inspired by “Mouse Trap,” families can practice their trapping skills by playing the magical version of the classic action and chain reaction game. “Lucky’s Leprechaun Trap” game is available for purchase on Feb. 16 at while supplies last and all limited-edition Lucky Charms boxes are available at retailers nationwide and online (Target, Walmart, and more) this month starting at two for $6. 

“We never know what our favorite, mischievous leprechaun is up to,” said Brandon Tyrrell, senior marketing communications manager at General Mills. “But now with him off the box and on the run we're asking for everyone's help to find him. We know he's a big “American Idol” fan and have reason to believe he could appear on set Feb. 25 and March 3 on ABC and next day on Hulu—so be on the lookout!”

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