La Liste, the global guide to the world’s best hotels and restaurants, today announced the winners of its annual Pastry Awards, followed by the La Liste Garden Party held in Paris.

The gourmet summer feast marks the World’s Best Pastry Shop Selection, a unique project with principal sponsor Cacao Barry, now involving up to 3,000 pastry shops. The announcement of the La Liste Pastry Special Awards 2024, featuring 10 categories, showcases a list of 25 pastry chefs and leaders from 14 countries, including locations such as California, Lima, Paris, Budapest, Pakistan, Dubai, Melbourne, and Singapore, highlighting international talent in this dynamic growth industry.

Advocating for both local and international gastronomic tourism, La Liste selects, classifies, and celebrates not only the best restaurants but also the best pastry shops worldwide. The diverse range of special awards spans 10 categories, including: World’s Most Creative Pastry Chef 2024, Pastry Game Changer, World’s Best Pastry Shop, World’s Best Afternoon Tea, Pastry Innovation, Pastry Talent of the Year, Pastry Ethical and Sustainability, Pastry Artisan and Authenticity, Pastry Opening of the Year, and Pastry Discovery Gem. The list also highlights multiple emerging trends, such as sustainability and sourcing, fusion flavors, and health-forward desserts.

Winners included:

  • Dominique Ansel, creator of viral hybrid pastry the Cronut, received the Pastry Game Changer Award. 
  • Bastien Blanc-Tailleur crowned World’s Most Creative Pastry Chef, presented by Cacao Barry.
  • Antonio Bachour from Miami and Janice Wong from Singapore are joint winners of the Pastry Innovation Award.

View the entire winners list here.

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