Company: Sensient Natural Ingredients, Turlock, CA


Ingredient Snapshot: Sensient Natural Ingredients has added three Indian varietals to its varietal chili collection, which features chili peppers with heat profiles, colors and flavor notes specific to India. The chili peppers are grown in India using careful seed selection specific to regional cuisines. New additions to the collection are Devanur Chili, a medium-heat, reddish-brown chili with an earthy-nutty note; Byadgi Chili, a mild-heat chili with a bright red color and a pungent, but sweet, flavor profile; and Teja chili, a very hot, deep red chili with a biting flavor that gives way to an underlying sweet/fruity profile. The varietals can be used to deliver bold, regional flavors to a wide range of traditional Indian foods, including snacks.