Company: Pizzey Ingredients, Russell, Manitoba


Ingredient Snapshot: Pizzey Ingredients says its BlendPūr Flax provides bakers with a way to lower ingredient costs, while adding nutrition to products and cleaning up product labels. BlendPūr can be used to replace 50 percent of shortening or oil in bread and 15 percent of shortening in muffins, lowering costs and increasing yield, while providing a softer crumb. The increased yield when using BlendPūr in bread formulations translates to three extra loaves for every 100 loaves of bread produced, according to the company. BlendPūr can also be used as a complete replacement for guar gum in tortillas, producing tortillas that are soft and easy to roll and stretch. BlendPūr is less expensive than guar gum and provides a cleaner label, notes Pizzey Ingredients, as well as delivers nutritional benefits, including ALA omega- 3, fiber, protein and lignans.