The U.S. egg supply is rebounding well after a tough six months for the egg industry brought on by an unprecedented outbreak of avian influenza, says the American Egg Board, Park Ridge, IL. A number of factors are at play in the supply rebound beyond affected farms repopulating. Egg imports, fewer exports and unaffected farms increasing production have all contributed to help with the supply gap, according to the organization.

Furthermore, the Egg Industry Center in Ames, IA, reports half of the layers lost in 2015 already have been replaced, and if the recovery continues at the current rate, by midyear, flocks should be at or near 100 percent pre-outbreak levels. With supply returning to more normal levels, prices are expected to come down in the 2016 first quarter.

“As the supply of egg products continues to recover, there will be ample availability for use in the food industry,” says John Howeth, executive vice president of AEB. “And barring any further incidents, we expect supply and pricing to regain their previous consistency.”