Did you miss the new products, ingredients and equipment posted on Snackandbakery.com this week? If so, check them out now.

New Products:

Ava’s Gluten-Free and Vegan Cupcakes: Available in six flavors, Ava’s Gluten-Free and Vegan Cupcakes from Ava's Cupcakes are made with a proprietary blend of flours.

Nature Valley Sweet & Spicy Chili Dark Chocolate Granola Bar: Cayenne pepper adds a spicy little kick to Nature Valley’s Sweet & Spicy Chili Dark Chocolate Granola Bar.

Emmy’s Raspberry Macaroons: Emmy’s Raspberry Macaroons are the newest addition to Emmy's Organics macaroon line.

Garden of Eatin’ Bowls Tortilla Chips: Bowls Tortilla Chips from Garden of Eatin’ sport a fun, new shape that makes them perfect for eating dips, salsas and more.

Dang Onion Chips: Dang Foods’ new Onion Chips will be on display Jan. 17–19 at the Winter Fancy Food Show in San Francisco.

New Ingredients:

Topical snack seasonings and coatings: Wixon has introduced several on-trend topical seasonings and coatings for snacks.

Brown-hued caramel color: In response to demand for cleaner labels and the growing popularity of minimally processed colors, Sethness Products Co. has introduced a dark Class I powdered caramel color.

New Equipment:

Bottle-filling lines: Hinds-Bock Corp.’s multispout bottle fillers are suitable for producing frosting and many other liquid products.

Bun packaging system: Stewart Systems’ Pillo-Pak 1200+ Bun Packaging System is specifically designed to arrange, slice and bulk package buns in configurations typically demanded by fast food restaurants and other institutions that buy in bulk.