Company: AB Mauri, St. Louis


Ingredient Snapshot: Commercial bakers interested in creating authentic, old-fashioned bread products with modern benefits can now achieve both with Aromaferm cereal ferments, says AB Mauri North America. The new line includes a mix of powder and liquid products designed to give bakers enhanced flavor, texture and shelf life in finished baked goods. Additional key benefits of the Aromaferm products, according to the company, include consistency of finished goods and decreased production times. The initial line rollout includes one liquid and three clean-label dry options. The following products are now available:

  • Wheat and Malt Ferment 110—A mild and mellow fermentation flavor that’s ideal for delivering fermentation flavor to straight dough. It’s best used for artisanal breads, baguettes, sandwich bread, pizza bases, and soft and crispy rolls.
  • Durum Ferment 110—A mild and mellow fermentation flavor that’s ideal for creating European artisanal white breads, rustic rolls, ciabatta and Italian baked goods.
  • Wheatgerm Ferment 155—A rich and nutty wheat germ flavor that delivers rich, brown, spectacled crumb. The high-impact sour flavoring is ideal for whole-grain and multigrain artisanal breads, baguettes, baguette rolls, mixed wheat breads, and rolls and ciabatta.
  • Liquid Wheat and Malt Ferment 90—A high-impact San Francisco-style flavor with increased bread acidity. It’s suitable for San Francisco-style pre-fermented based products such as artisanal breads, baguettes, ciabatta, and rustic rolls.