Otis Spunkmeyer, a brand owned by ARYZTA, Los Angeles, has long maintained a strong foodservice presence with its muffins and cookies. Now the brand is in the process of launching a new range of muffins, cookies and snack cakes at retail—products that offer a clean-label option to today’s increasingly ingredient-savvy shopper.

In order to learn more about this initiative—which officially launches today—we reached out to Kristina Dermody, brand president, Otis Spunkmeyer for some insight.


Douglas J. Peckenpaugh: Why is now the right time for clean-label treats like snack cakes, cookies and muffins?

Kristina Dermody: Shoppers today are savvier than ever, which is why Otis Spunkmeyer has committed to using real ingredients that deliver a superior, home-made taste. We worked to develop simpler recipes that offer a more transparent approach to baked goods, and our commitment to “No Funky Stuff” ensures that the Otis Spunkmeyer line of sweets is delivering a great tasting treat that people want to indulge in.


DJP: What does the “No Funky Stuff” ingredient promise entail?“No Funky Stuff” means that our delicious foods are made without artificial flavors or colors, high fructose corn syrup, or partially hydrogenated oils. Our commitment to “No Funky Stuff” ensures that the Otis Spunkmeyer line of sweets is delivering on a superior tasting treat that people love.

KD: What prompted the decision to bring Otis Spunkmeyer cookies into the retail market?Otis Spunkmeyer has been a pioneer in the fresh-baked cookie business and a leader in the sweet baked goods industry for more than 35 years. In fact, while our business has focused on foodservice operations, our company actually originated as a chain of retail cookie stores in California. With our new retail line, we are looking to appeal to loyal Otis Spunkmeyer fans who have grown up with our beloved food along with a new generation of food lovers. Our goal is to make Otis Spunkmeyer available for everyone, everywhere they shop.


DJP: How do miniature versions of treats like cakes and muffins meet the needs of health-conscious consumers?

KD: There are a lot of competing snack foods to choose from, but our “No Funky Stuff” seal of approval indicates that our baked snacks are similar to what would be made at home, so consumers know what they are eating.


DJP: Did the creation of Otis Spunkmeyer Super Cookies require an investment in new equipment?

KD: There was no investment required.  We already had super cookie capabilities in our bakery.  It is a fun process to watch.


DJP: How will you work with retailers to help promote and merchandise these new products, as well as get the message out about “No Funky Stuff”?

KD: Otis Spunkmeyer’s new line of sweet treats are available nationwide in Walmart and rolling out in other leading grocery, club and convenience stores across the country. We have been building strong relationships with some of the top retailers, and are excited to see our new foods on shelves for all consumers to enjoy.


For complete details on the new Otis Spunkmeyer lines, see “Otis Spunkmeyer introduces consumer-focused retail line.”