AAK, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high value-adding specialty vegetable fats and oils, has launched a new website, www.BetterwithAAK.com. The website is designed to aid product developers with their formulations challenges and showcase some of the unique co-development solutions that AAK has to offer. This co-development process allows AAK to work hand-in-hand with industry partners to develop new solutions for some of today’s toughest formulation challenges. 

Terry Thomas, President, AAK USA Inc. said, “We wanted to develop a resource for manufacturers that would highlight our co-development capabilities and provide real-world examples of the range of bakery and confectionery formulation challenges we have overcome.  Our co-development process allows us to work hand-in-hand in the lab to ensure that we can meet and exceed desired products’ attributes and ensure a finished product that consumers will love.“

Thomas added, “Our new website is just one phase of AAK’s co-development evolution. Construction is almost complete on our state-of-the-art customer innovation center, which is scheduled to open this fall. We are truly thrilled to be on the cusp of this milestone. Soon we will open the doors of this new facility and be able to offer our co-development solutions to even more processors as a tool that can benefit their formulation work as well.”

BetterwithAAK.com highlights AAK’s selection of non-hydro, no trans, PHO-free brands which are uniquely targeted to specific applications and challenges. The site showcases a multitude of useful and timely solutions that allow manufacturers to continue to create great tasting quality foods with consumer-friendly labels for the following industries:

  • AAK Bakery Solutions - AAK has non-hydrogenated (non-hydro) solutions for the most challenging real-world baking applications, so bakery products perform and taste just as good as they always have, with a consumer-friendly label. AAK’s non-hydro products naturally contain no trans. From bakery mixes, laminated doughs, and icing systems to cream filling systems and whipped toppings, AAK meets today’s consumer and legislative requirements without sacrificing quality, turnaround time or cost effectiveness. A few of the success stories highlighted on the new website include a puff pastry, a chocolate chip cookie, a filled croissant, and a bake-stable cookie filling.
  • AAK Confectionery Solutions - AAK continues to create and truly innovate in many ways, like being the first to offer non-hydro specialty fat solutions to the confectionery industry in 2006. AAK offers a wide variety of cocoa butter substitutes and cocoa butter equivalents for compound coatings, including several non-hydrogenated and reduced saturates coating fats. In addition to coating fats, AAK has confectionery fats for fillings, inclusions, caramels, and ice cream coatings. 

In addition, BetterwithAAK.com provides information regarding AAK’s commitment to sustainability and responsible growth. AAK’s products are derived from renewable crops, with ingredients grown and sourced responsibly as part of a continued commitment to sustainability.