Company: Fruit d'Or


Ingredient Snapshot: Fruit d'Or is now first to market with a clean, field-to-table, low-bush whole food wild blueberry powder, and it has also launched the industry's first organic cranberry juice powder formulated with organic acacia gum.

The wild blueberry whole-food powders are non-GMO, vegan, gluten-free, Kosher, and contain no additives, excipients or carriers. A benefit of the organic cranberry juice powder is that Fruit d'Or produces its own cranberry concentrate, so quality can be controlled from farm to factory. 

Ideal as a stand-alone superfood or for the beverage and supplement markets, Fruit d’Or’s organic cranberry juice powder with acacia gum is also gluten-free, Kosher and Halal. Unlike other cranberry juice powders, Fruit d’Or’s is standardized to contain up to 1 percent PACs based on DMAC test method.

A substantial body of scientific research exists on wild blueberries’ health benefits for children and adults. Considered a super-antioxidant, wild blueberries are associated with eye health, oral health and enhanced cognitive performance. Evidence shows they also promote cardiovascular health, supporting healthy blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

The Fruit d’Or wild blueberry whole-food powder advantage:
● Higher anthocyanin potency
● Bioflow drying process
● Gentle milling and careful storage
● Each lot is standardized.
● Supplier testing program