Company: Ohly (ABF Ingredients)


Ingredient Snapshot: Ohly is the first to offer a non-GMO compliant version of Cayenne Pepper Sauce Powder, giving credit to the strong market demand for non-genetically modified food. 

It adds heat and spice to savory food systems and delivers all the unique flavor of cayenne pepper sauce. The free flowing powder is ideal for carefully calibrating flavor levels from subtle to impactful in a varied range of products including dry mixes, sauces, topical applications, seasoning blends, coatings and glazes.

Based on our decades of experience in taste ingredient development and manufacturing, ProDry products retain all the volatile aroma components for maximum consumer experience. The dry powder is convenient to handle during processing and ensures consistency in food preparation. In addition powders have approximately a six-times longer shelf life than liquids, making them an ideal alternative.