Quinn Snacks is excited to announce their new line of natural microwave popcorn, ‘Real Butter Tastes Better’, the 1st microwave popcorn to use grass-fed, clarified butter, is now available in Publix. Quinn’s 'Real Butter Tastes Better' microwave popcorn comes in 3 flavors:  Truffle Butter, Extra Butter and Butter & Sea Salt. Nutritional info can be found here.

Quinn Snacks' ‘Real Butter Tastes Better’ uses only simple, real-food ingredients including grass-fed, clarified butter, non-gmo kernels and expeller pressed sunflower oil. You will never find hydrogenated oils, additional “flavorings”, artificial colors or preservatives in any of the varieties. 

Quinn’s “Pure Pop Bag” also contains no chemicals or plastic coatings. As a result, the paper used is compostable and biodegradable. The ingredient pouch was designed to be applied after popping, allowing more natural ingredients and helping to maintain the integrity of the flavors and oils. 

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