In more Super Bowl news, Doritos dropped a teaser video on its social channels that reveals the first surprise that the brand has up its sleeve: America’s favorite cowboy, Sam Elliott. In the teaser titled “The Monologue,” fans are brought straight to the scene of a country Western town where Sam Elliott recites a few lines you just might recognize.

Doritos dropped its second teaser video with another exciting glimpse of its Super Bowl commercial following the Sam Elliott teaser.

In the “Bassquake” video was shared on Tuesday on Doritos social channels, fans can see Lil Nas X riding his stallion into “The Cool Ranch” on a saddle customized to blast music from its speakers. 

And who better to join Lil Nas X than his partner in crime Billy Ray Cyrus! The question fans will now have is, what will go down in the wild west between legendary actor Sam Elliott, Lil Nas X and Billy Ray Cyrus? Time will tell, but what we can say is that this collaboration is all part of Doritos’ plan to bring fans into a new era of cool in 2020 with the recently revamped Doritos Cool Ranch.