Cheetos is popping back into the Super Bowl ad scene with its second teaser video, giving another exciting glimpse of its Super Bowl commercial following last week’s teaser featuring beloved ’90s hip-hop star MC Hammer.

In the “Shuffle Steal” video that will be shared tomorrow on Cheetos social channels, fans can see MC Hammer doing his iconic shuffle to steal a bag of Cheetos Popcorn—the brand’s biggest innovation in years—while on set. You’ll see that no one can tell him that he can’t touch that Cheetos Popcorn! This video will have Cheetos fans everywhere shuffling through the snack aisles to get their hands on their own bag of Cheetos Popcorn!

As you’ve probably seen, Cheetos officially named the delicious cheesy dust that lingers on fans’ fingertips after enjoying a bag of Cheetos—Cheetle! And the fandom has gone wild for it—as seen on LIVE with Ryan and Kelly, TODAY show, HuffPost, and many, many others.

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