Company: Döhler

Ingredient Snapshot: Döhler has developed a range of natural black solutions that can be used in a wide range of food categories worldwide. The company's first generation of natural black is based on coloring foods, and is aimed at the confectionery industry, replacing the E-coloring agent vegetable carbon (E153). This enables Döhler to offer the food industry a new solution based on coloring foods, which meets consumers’ demand for more naturalness in foods. At ProSweets, the natural black will be demonstrated in a wine gum application.

The color black is associated with characteristics such as noble, festive, luxurious, courageous, strong, impressive or mysterious. Accordingly, black food is increasingly in demand and products such as black bread, black burger buns, black pizza or even black cheese are conquering the market. The black color of these foods is based on artificial colorings or the use of vegetable charcoal, which neither meet consumer expectations for more naturalness nor are they approved worldwide.

A natural alternative to the black food colors currently used is therefore a priority for the food industry, which must meet the following criteria:

  • Naturally derived, ideally plant-based
  • Clean-label declaration
  • Worldwide approved
  • Applicable in numerous food applications and processes
  • Minimal effect on taste and mouthfeel