Company: J&J Snack Foods Corp.

Introduced: March 2020

Distribution: Foodservice

Product Snapshot: J&J Snack Foods Corp. is excited to announce the launch of a new product that takes the organization back to where it all began—the soft pretzel! SUPERPRETZEL Soft Pretzel Fries are the newest addition to the SUPERPRETZEL brand within the foodservice segment.

Tired of the same old French fries on the menu? Soft pretzel fries are the perfect way to mix it up and can be enjoyed as a side or delicious appetizer dipped in your favorite sauces. And as an added bonus, it’s vegan and baked, not fried!

Soft pretzels are a beloved staple, and due to their popularity, there has been a 25 percent increase in soft pretzels served on menus as a side dish since 2017. Additionally, soft pretzel appetizers have risen 8 percent across the top 1,500 restaurants and leading convenience stores, outpacing all other bread appetizers in 2019. Consumer trends continue to prioritize novelty and uniqueness when purchasing appetizers at restaurants, and SUPERPRETZEL Soft Pretzel Fries are the one-of-a-kind appetizer that 40 percent of consumers are looking for when ordering at a foodservice establishment.