Company: La Brea Bakery

Introduced: March 2020

Distribution: National

Product Snapshot: La Brea Bakery has introduced new packaging for their artisan breads. This new design will have a nod to the brand’s heritage, with the goal of making it easier for consumers to identify the breads in-store and on-shelves. Select SKUs are on shelves now, with more rolling out in March and April. 

In addition to a fresh and modern aesthetic, the new design will include:

  • The story behind the brand and its history in Los Angeles
  • Unique descriptors and flavor profiles for each bread
  • Recipe ideas for the eight most popular SKUs
    • French Baguette
    • French Loaf
    • Italian Round
    • Rosemary Olive Oil Round
    • Sourdough Loaf
    • Three Cheese Semolina Loaf
    • Whole Grain Loaf
    • Toasted Sunflower & Honey Loaf
  • Beer, wine and cheese pairing suggestions on all SKUs that do not have recipe suggestions