The Bakery Cos. has been awarded the 2020 Supplier of the Year award by Conagra, their highest honor! Last year the company was recognized with the “Enabling the Conagra Way” Supplier award. The entire team exemplifies a standard of excellence and quality, as this prestigious award validates. 

Gary Hansen, director of customer relations, and Todd Bruinsma, director of quality & food safety, received the news in a conference call with the Conagra team. Gary Hansen said, “We received not only glowing reviews but many compliments on our ability to be flexible during the current status with COVID. I am very impressed with how the Tennessee Bun Company (TBC/Dickson) and Nashville Bun Company (NBC) consistently demonstrate their support of this major customer!”

Cordia Harrington, CEO and founder, said, “Being selected as the 2020 Conagra Supplier of the Year is the highest honor! This demonstrates how, on every level, our associates have delivered exceptional results: from the products in the plants prepared by amazing bakers, the collaboration in our corporate offices, Plant Manager cooperation and leadership, Supply Chain planning, to Bakery Express (BEX) delivery. This prestigious award honors the many Bakery Cos. associates who work every single day to deliver outstanding biscuits and rolls! I am incredibly proud of each of you! Well done!”

“What an amazing accomplishment to be named 2020 Conagra Supplier of the Year. I am incredibly impressed by our team’s accomplishment, but I am not surprised. This award acknowledges the effort and care that is displayed by everyone in the organization from planning, execution and delivery to follow-up. Congratulations to the team for this outstanding recognition,” said Scott Shelley, corporate VP of operations.