Company: Craize


Introduced: December 2020

Distribution: National

Suggested Retail Price: $3.59

Product Snapshot: As 2020 comes to an end, Craize, a Miami-based company that makes healthy crackers inspired by the recipe for Venezuelan arepas, created the perfect flavor to end this crazy year on a high note, and it’s Everything.  

Craize founder and CEO Leonardo Cotter had the idea while on a typical quarantine walk: everything bagels are one of America’s favorite foods, and Everything seasoning has become a staple of pantries all over the country. What if that could be mixed with Craize’s sweet corn base? That’s how Everything Craize was born. 

Craize’s brand values are all about healthy snacking, natural ingredients and authentic flavors. Everything bagels have an exceptional flavor profile: a little sweet from the bread mixed with the salt, onion and garlic contrast. Craize was able to recreate that perfect balance in a healthier way with this amazing crossover between cultures, by using the sweet corn flavor as the base to the everything flavor, adding a crunch and reducing the guilt.

“Everything Craize is as traditional as it is groundbreaking. It’s the evolution of one of America’s classic foods—bagels, mixed with latin authenticity,” Leonardo said. “It’s a healthy cracker that perfectly blends the sweetness of corn with the saltiness of the everything seasoning. It’s much more than a bagel alternative, but it still pairs amazing with cream cheese and lox.” 

Craize was founded in 2017 with the goal of introducing delicious, authentic latin flavors to a broad audience. Since then, it has done just that, with varieties including sweet corn, seeded, guava, plantain, coconut, roasted corn and more. 

As this unprecedented year unfolded, the Craize team knew they had to look for ways to grow through the adversity caused by the pandemic. They quickly understood it was time to get creative and find an extraordinary flavor that could be the perfect blend of two cultures—a flavor that would represent the general market, while staying true to Craize’s traditional latin flavor base. Craize’s new Everything flavor does exactly that.