Company: Ultimate Baker


Ingredient Snapshot: Ultimate Baker, the Washington-based producer of unique cake decorating and baking products, has released a new line of all-natural colored sprinkles. Available now at, the new line is colored with real fruit and vegetable-based colorants, certified Kosher and comes in a range of vibrant colors and shapes including stars, bones, clouds, unicorns and more.

“With the vast majority of sprinkles in the U.S. artificially colored, Ultimate Baker offers a healthier alternative for home bakers and professional chefs,” said Ultimate Baker founder and CEO Stuart Cutler. “We pride ourselves on the quality and range of our products, as well as our dedication to creating healthier, synthetic-free options for consumers.”

Ultimate Baker sprinkles, pearls and jimmies bring razzle and dazzle to cakes, cupcakes, cookies, desserts, ice cream and even cocktails. Ultimate Baker sprinkles are available in various size packages, from 6oz gift bottles through to 5lb bags. Custom blends, wholesale and bulk are also available for commercial accounts.