Company: Breadblok


Introduced: March 2022

Distribution: Regional

Suggested Retail Price: $7.50

Product Snapshot: Breadblok, a gluten-free bakery in Los Angeles, is excited to announce that its beignets are back. 

These classic French treats cannot be found gluten-free anywhere else in the state, and Breadblok spent hours perfecting the recipe for these brioche dough balls. Breadblok’s beignets are made with housemade gluten free brioche dough and are filled with crémeux or jam.

The beignets are now available at its Santa Monica and Silver Lake cafes, and at its farmer’s market locations, for $7.50. They come in four flavors filled with their corresponding creme (including housemade raspberry jam for raspberry). Flavors include Maple, Vanilla, Chocolate, and Raspberry.