Innophos has announced the release of its latest whitepaper, Solutions for High-Protein Baking. “High source of protein” is an increasingly common claim on sweet baked goods, as consumers seek healthier products with higher nutritional value. But adding protein to recipes can result in dense, dry products that are difficult to make on existing equipment.

The new whitepaper addresses the baking challenges that come when fortifying with protein and showcases how LEVAIR Fortify can improve volume, texture, and machinability. Key topics include:

  • Protein ingredient trends 
  • Solutions to address hydration challenges in high-protein baking
  • Detailed case studies highlighting the impact of LEVAIR® Fortify 

“Following a successful launch of our expanded LEVAIR portfolio of baking solutions, we are excited to share the science behind LEVAIR Fortify and the powerful benefits it can provide bakers to solve the challenges they face when formulating with unique protein blends,” said Eugenia Erlij, vice president of marketing and communications at Innophos. “The team at Innophos is committed to providing the highest quality, science-backed products and has invested in significant research to strengthen offerings in the sweet baked goods space, delivering new solutions to bakers.”

Access the complimentary Solutions for High-Protein Baking whitepaper and find more information about the LEVAIR Family of Baking Innovation products.