BUILT, makers of BUILT Bars and BUILT Puffs, today announced its nationwide availability in Walmart locations. Three flavors—Double Chocolate, Cookies 'n' Cream, and Coconut PUFF—can now be found on shelves in 3,700 stores across the U.S., offering Walmart shoppers a tasty, low-sugar alternative to traditional protein and nutritional bars. Having quietly built a loyal following through a successful direct-to-consumer model, BUILT has more than tripled its retail footprint over the past three years, and is on track to more than double its retail footprint year over year in 2023.

BUILT Bars and Puffs are made with 100% real chocolate and protein, offering a balance of macronutrients. As the brand extends its availability, it has set out on a mission to help consumers understand and appreciate the importance of proper nutrition—most notably how valuable it is to integrate high-quality protein into your diet. Working closely with a team of food scientists, BUILT understands that protein is one of the principal building blocks of life, acting as the main component of what makes us who we are, from our hair to our skin, our hearts, brains, and more—to whom we may become, our dreams and aspirations.

As the company continues its mission to de-bunk consumer myths and assumptions about protein by offering better-for-you alternatives, BUILT has leaned into a consumer-forward strategy, reacting to product preferences in real-time. In four years, the brand has released over 110 flavor varieties, and it has ambitions to tap consumers in new, creative ways to continue to develop innovation that excites and entices.

"The massive loyal customer base we've been able to garner in just over four years is remarkable—and we're so grateful to our loyal and growing group of brand fans for helping us to meet and exceed our goals to this point. Now, to translate that to market share, we want to optimize the strong engagement we've earned by showing up where customers expect and want to see us," says CEO and co-founder of BUILT, Nick Greer. "In the last few years, we've seen an increased consumer focus on overall wellness and self-care—people want their food to both taste great and be a health-conscious choice that makes them feel good. BUILT is the bar that does both, and Walmart is a great partner to help us offer that to the masses."

BUILT's entrance into Walmart is just the start of a year of massive growth and increase in availability for the brand, with plans to reach shelves in additional grocery and convenience store chains both nationally and regionally throughout 2023. In entering Walmart, along with additional retailers throughout the year, BUILT is bringing to market its product to a wider set of consumers.