SNAC International has inducted Alf and Nadia Taylor of tna Solutions (tna) as the 2023 Circle of Honor award winners.  

SNAC International began the Circle of Honor award program in March 1994 to recognize the achievements of the most transformative snack food executives of their companies and associations. These distinguished applicants exhibit superior innovation and business expertise that are shaping the future of the snack food industry.   

Alf and Nadia were selected for this esteemed award based on their outstanding 40 years of innovation. They created the world's first rotary, high-speed vertical form fill seal packaging machine, the tna robag, revolutionizing packaging technology. Over the years, they continued to improve that very first prototype, and today, the fifth generation tna robag packaging system is still the fastest and most efficient bagger on the market.   

“We are extremely humbled to be recognized by SNAC International as this this year's Circle of Honor winner,” says Alf and Nadia Taylor. “Never in our lives did we ever expect to receive an award like this and we are so proud of all our team has accomplished.  Receiving this Circle of Honor award today, with all the industry greats in the room with us, was very emotional and a moment we will never forget.”  

tna sells over 140 products, covering everything from fryers, conveyors, and seasoning and coating systems to metal detectors, weighing, inserting, and labelling solutions, and packaging equipment. They are the only global supplier that can deliver equipment for an entire potato snack production line, from peelers to equipment that bags and packages it into a box.  

“Alf and Nadia set the standard for innovation and creativity in the snack food industry,” said Christine Cochran, CEO of SNAC International. “This award is a testament to its creators' skill, ingenuity, and vision. Whether they realize it or not, many brands established and rising, stand on the shoulders of tna’s work.” 

More than just successful industry pioneers, Alfa and Nadia are the founders of the Nadia and Alf Taylor Foundation, a humanitarian organization committed to sharing tna's success with those less fortunate, particularly children. The Foundation supports over 150 charities across 39 countries, with over $12 million donated to beneficiaries in education, social enterprise, healthcare, social welfare, and human rights.  

Nadia accepted the award at SNAXPO23 with her husband, Alf, as well as their tna associates and hundreds of industry colleagues.