Tate & Lyle PLC has unveiled its new stevia composition, Optimizer Stevia 8.10. The ingredient reportedly delivers a premium taste profile closest to sugar, even at high sugar replacement levels, while offering a more cost-effective solution than other premium sweeteners.

This stevia composition offers a comprehensive set of benefits for both manufacturers and consumers. With Optimizer Stevia 8.10, manufacturers gain access to a versatile stevia at a lower cost-in-use, offering an improved value compared to other premium stevia sweeteners. This translates to low-calorie options that meet consumer demand without compromising on taste. The composition qualifies for labelling as "stevia extract," (following JECFA guidance) aligning with consumer preference for a sweetener derived from nature.

With versatility across applications, Optimizer Stevia 8.10 is ideal for achieving a superior taste profile in high sugar-replacement formulations like nutrition bars and shakes, functional beverages, vitamin gummies, and yogurt.

Abigail Storms, senior vice president global platform, sweeteners, and fibers, Tate & Lyle says: "Optimizer Stevia 8.10 is a breakthrough for the industry. We've leveraged our technical expertise to create a sweetener that not only meets the highest standards of taste and quality but also delivers cost savings to our customers. Optimizer Stevia 8.10 opens a world of possibilities for food and beverage manufacturers because they no longer have to compromise on taste because of cost. Whether you're looking to improve taste, reduce costs, or enhance the nutritional profile of your products, Optimizer Stevia 8.10 delivers on all fronts.”

This development underscores Tate & Lyle's unwavering commitment to scientific innovation. Through proprietary production processes, the company has unlocked the potential of previously underutilised steviol glycosides, naturally occurring components within the stevia leaf. This innovative process developed by Tate & Lyle’s scientists and engineers enables greater use of the stevia leaf extract, promoting more efficient manufacturing processes.

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