Hinds-Bock’s fully automatic batter and injection line is suitable for applications such as muffins, mini cheesecakes and snack cakes with fruit- or cheese-filled centers. The line features a servo-driven dual chain conveyor with an optional paper cup placer, a batter depositor, a second diving bridge injection depositor, a recipe control unit that’s accessed through an Allen Bradley PLC and simple tool-free adjustments for pan-to-pan product changeover. The conveyor can also be lengthened for additional options.


Hinds-Bock Corp.
Bothell, Wash.


Focus Works’ new SQF Sentinel is a PC-based software package that automates the collection of plant data, thus eliminating problems associated with paper-based data collection and manual data analysis for food safety protocol. The SQF Sentinel can be directly attached to PLC-based control systems and wireless, hand-held devices used by plant floor personnel to enter data. After the data is collected, it is stored in the “data dashboard”—a centralized database that the company says is customized to keep tabs on the level of various data points collected by the product.

Focus Works, Inc.
Patchogue, N.Y.


Standard-Knapp’s Tritium multipacker is equipped with the RoboWrap system and features the Robo-Wand multi-axis programmable path wrapping section, which can be positioned at any point above the conveyor to package a particular desired pack pattern. Designed for versatility, ease of changeover and finished product quality, this multipacker adapts to packaging sustainability issues and reduces material used in packaging and waste.

Standard-Knapp, Inc.
Portland, Conn.


Clysar’s Clysar LTCH polyolefin shrink film is designed for high-speed static seal applications, such as frozen pizza and fresh bakery items, at 80 packages per minute. Clysar LTCL is a “soft” shrink film with a low shrink force that can replace film up to twice as thick to create packages without bending or distortion. Both Clysar LTC films allow for more available shrink for crisp, tight wraps with excellent cleanup, better balanced shrink to conform evenly to a range of products, superior film strength for process efficiency and package integrity, superior tear resistance to minimize film tearing and rips, better clarity, shine and gloss for attractive package appearance and shelf appeal and wider operating windows for faster line speeds.

Clysar, division of Bemis Co.
Oshkosh, Wis.


ITW Muller presents the Octopus SideKick, a second carriage that can be added to almost any new or existing Octopus machine. The SideKick operates as an independent film carriage that will automatically rotate into primary wrapping position upon the film being depleted or breaking. Because the Octopus can now run two rolls of film before needing attention, the operator only needs to address the machine half as often. In addition, one carriage can be removed for maintenance while the second one continues to wrap.

ITW Muller Div., Illiinois Tool Works
Arlington Heights, Ill.


Uniformly apply coatings with Heat and Control’s FPS coating applicators. The tumble breader, for instance, uses a vibratory conveyor to tumble, coat and convey product at high transfer rates. Finished product can then be spread, aligned or laned to suit downstream inspection, cooking and freezing equipment. The compact breader uniformly applies a wide variety of coatings, from pre-dust to final pass. The applicators require less line length than traditional applicators and can be rolled to different locations.

Heat and Control, Inc.
Hayward, Calif.


Powered by energy-efficient regenerative blowers, WindJet air knives are said to provide excellent performance in drying and blow-off operations and eliminate the need for costly compressed air. Produced by Spraying Systems, these air knives help reduce operating costs by as much as 95% when used for a wide range of operations such as debris and dust blow-off, removal of excess water and moving products.

Spraying Systems Co.
Wheaton, Ill.


The Bug Blocker overhead screen door system from Rasco Industries is added to an existing overhead door system to let cool breezes in but keep pests and insects out of the plant. Using the existing door’s vertical tracks, the door is attached with a switch mechanism, a second set of horizontal tracks and a screen door with stainless-steel mesh. The doors are AIB-, ASI-, HACCP- and IPM-certified and comply with Homeland Security programs.

Rasco Industries, Inc.
Loretto, Minn.


The Comtec Model 2200 pie and pastry crust press from Comtec Industries is said to be one of the first presses that combines top and bottom pie crust production in one operation. This press creates consistent crust that’s exact to size without the need for dusting flour or special formula, skill or strength. It forms up to 350 covered pies per hour with two-man operation and up to 700 uniform bottom crusts per hour with one operator. This machine is also applicable for tarts and cheesecake.

Comtec Industries Ltd.
Woodridge, Ill.


Bosch Packaging Technology introduces the Pack 301 IN inverted horizontal flow wrapper, designed to gently transport snacks, baked goods and confectionery items by carrying them on top of the film from the former through the cutting head, thus minimizing jams and ensuring superior package appearance. The Pack 301 IN has a modular film backstand that can be located in various positions relative to the infeed and wrapper, allowing users to optimize the film path while enhancing the package appearance, resulting in minimal film waste and fewer rejects.

Bosch Packaging Technology, Inc.
New Richmond, Va.


Klüber Lubrication introduces Klübersynth MR 96-31, a light grease that utilizes a polyalkylene glycol-base oil and a unique mix of solid substances to reduce vibration, dampen noise and produce smooth motion of different plastic materials. It is compatible with elastomers and plastics that range from -40°C to 120°C, is water-resistant and helps protect against copper corrosion.

Klüber Lubrication North America L.P.
Londonderry, N.H.


The Cryovac technology CT-301 shrink wrapper from Sealed Air wraps up to 14-in. tortillas at speeds of 40 ppm. This patent-pending, multi-layered machine is will not compromise on flavor and performance, and provides a 70% or greater packaging material source reduction. In combination with the Shanklin F-1DA wrapper with vacuum and indexing infeed, this shrink wrapper provides a more efficient, effective and greener solution for the tortilla industry.

Sealed Air Corp., Cryovac Food Packaging Systems
Duncan, S.C.