Did you miss the following new products, ingredients and equipment posted on www.snackandbakery.com this week? If so, check them out now.

New Products:

KIND Healthy Grains Popped Bars: KIND Healthy Grains Popped bars, recent additions to KIND Healthy Snacks’ KIND Healthy Grains Bars line, contain six super grains.

Rold Gold Pretzel Cracker Sandwiches: A great on-the-go snack option, Rold Gold Pretzel Cracker Sandwiches offer a layer of tasty filling between two pretzel crackers.

Fisher Nut Exactly: Fisher Nut Exactly is a combination of roasted nuts and whole-grain popcorn rolled into a snack-sized bite.

Mrs. Freshley’s Strawberry Shortcake Cupcakes: Mrs. Freshley's Limited Edition Strawberry Shortcake Cupcakes pair the taste of delicious summer strawberries with a sweet finish.

Wholly Gluten Free Thaw and Sell Brownies: Wholly Wholesome’s Wholly Gluten Free Thaw and Sell Brownies are produced in a dedicated gluten-free bakery, making them ideal for consumers sensitive to gluten.

New Ingredients:

Dessert flavors: Wixon’s latest topical seasonings for snacks offer dessert tastes for any time of day and can be adapted to a variety of industries, including foodservice and consumer products.

Dough conditioner: Corbion Caravan says its label-friendly Vantage 250 dough conditioner strengthens and relaxes dough, as well as reduces stress on equipment.

New Equipment:

Label check station: The latest addition to Mettler-Toledo CI-Vision Inspection’s portfolio—the Label Check Station—prints and automatically verifies up to 500 high-quality, product-specific labels per minute.

Sanitary conveyors: HydroClean sanitary conveyors from QC Industries can be disassembled completely without tools to make cleaning quick and easy.