Company: Blends by Orly, Englewood, NJ, and Scottsdale, AZ


Ingredient Snapshot: Blends by Orly, a line of gluten-free flour blends from Blends by Orly, enables home and commercial bakers to turn gluten-containing baked goods into gluten-free products by replacing the wheat flour in recipes with a Blends by Orly blend. The line comprises five blends, each named after a place where company founder and owner, Orly Gottesman, has lived: London (for cookies, scones, shortbread and more), Tuscany (for artisan white breads, pizza crust and more), Sydney (for brownies, muffins, pies and more), Paris (for cakes, cupcakes and more) and Manhattan (for brioche, bagels, pastry and more). In addition to being certified gluten-free, the blends are kosher-certified, dairy-free, corn-free and nut-free. They have a 12-month shelf life and are available in commercial (25- and 50-pound bags) and retail (20-ounce) sizes.