In early 2016, BEMA’s Board of Directors launched a new marketing initiative as an investment in the association’s members. BEMA has developed a marketing campaign directed to the industry and designed to make the case that buying from a BEMA member adds value. BEMA will launch the campaign along with a new look for the association at IBIE 2016.

As the leading association for bakery equipment, ingredient and solution providers, BEMA creates opportunities for our members to invest in and strengthen the industry. Under the banner “Value Added,” BEMA’s new ads will speak directly to bakers and describe how buying from a BEMA member builds value in the supplier/customer relationship. Because of the services BEMA provides and the connections we create, our members are able to:

  • Design better, cleaner, more efficient equipment
  • Develop and sustain internal training programs
  • Develop talent in sales and management
  • Be more informed about the industry and what bakers and food producers are looking for
  • Compete in the global market
  • Work together to create unique solutions for their customers

Kerwin Brown, BEMA’s President and CEO, says, “The ad campaign and new brand reflect BEMA’s commitment to continue adding value to the industry through education, networking and the collaboration of experts.”