This month marks the unveiling of the new look for Snack Food & Wholesale Bakery. While we have continued to evolve the strategic direction of SF&WB’s content over the past five years to better meet the business needs of the snack and bakery industry—from shining a spotlight on innovators to boosting coverage of key subjects like foodservice, logistics, sanitation, efficiency, workforce development and more—the publication’s appearance has remained unchanged.

And while the new design brings a welcome aesthetic update, we have also added features to improve the market intelligence presented in every issue. We have long anchored every Market Trends article with retail sales data provided by our exclusive market analysis partner IRI. But we previously only included this data in convenient chart format in our annual State of the Industry issues. Now every Market Trends article will include a chart presenting core category data details to aid your ongoing industry analysis—often with expanded category and subcategory data included in the online version on the article.

This connection between the printed and online magazine is a vital aspect of the new SF&WB design. As such, we will continue to clearly note an article’s any online features—slideshows of products, R&D concepts, packaging and processing equipment, as well as videos—so you can broaden and enhance your knowledge of key topics on There’s so much more to explore online.

Finally, we’ve also added a summary to the beginning of every feature article called, “THE BOTTOM LINE.” This provides a quick preview of key topics raised in the discussion so you can quickly access the information you need to drive your business forward.