As I’ve engaged (remotely) with the industry of late, I’ve heard myriad stories of hardship and determined struggle, of community support and selfless volunteerism, of ingenuity and fortitude. These core values, so central to true leadership, are what bridge the gap to unite us across this great nation.

The past year or so has brought a multitude of lessons that we’ll unpack in the months to come. And a ready willingness to engage sets the stage for shared growth. As we all know, this is still very much a business of relationships, and our social distance will soon come to an end. We very much look forward to seeing you in person again.

As I’ve visited food industry production facilities across America over the past two decades, I’ve found that insights into a company’s success can come from any level of the organization. I typically find that leaders at all levels—from the production floor to the front office—bring unique lessons worth learning. These interactions provide collective fuel to drive us forward.

Through the years, the many individuals I’ve encountered from Grupo Bimbo—and Bimbo Bakeries USA (BBU), Barcel, and, most recently, Bimbo Bakehouse—have graciously offered valuable insights into corporate efficiency, lean manufacturing, industry sustainability, and leadership by example. This month, we take an in-depth look at Bimbo Bakehouse, the foodservice and ISB arm of Grupo Bimbo, the largest bakery company in the world. As you might expect, they have some great perspectives to share.

And on that note, I’d invite you to reach out to engage our team at Snack Food & Wholesale Bakery with your success stories, valued feedback, industry perspectives, and vision for the industry. We’d love to hear from you. Together, we can do so much more.

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